If you are a personal assistant (or a personal assistant in the health care sector) then this Project is for you. Through PR-ERF a holistic methodology will be developed to help you to develop yourself in the ERF competences, taking into account the specifics of your own profession.

35302PR-ERF project is two year Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project whose aim is to develop a holistic methodology for recognition and development of 8 ERF Key Competences as a package of Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes that all individuals need to acquire through CVET for personal fulfilment, development, inclusion and employment. The proposed methodology will be linked to level 4 of European Qualification Framework in order to be compatible with CVET requirements. The methodology will comprise an assessment tool to validate competences according to EQF level 4 and identify the gaps towards the CVET program.

PR-ERF curriculum is sector specific and will be adapted to the field Personal Assistant