Partners Profile

FU Uppsala

Contact Person: Yevgeniya Averhed



Telephone:+46 18680000

Fax: +46 18680050

Address: Portalgatan 2A, Box 386, 75 106, Uppsala, Sweden

FU is an educational association that offers a wide range of adult education at national level. A large part of the training offered by FU targets people who need new knowledge, skills and competences to apply in professional and/or labour market contexts. The theoretical knowledge and practical experience of employed teachers are well-suited to current requirements. Government services, public authorities and the business sector also turn to FU for assistance with specialized training courses. FU Uppsala, as one of few educational organisations in Sweden that has been certified according to ISO 9001:2000. ISO-quality certificate includes all training processes at FU, also CVET. FU has been involved in many EU and National projects for validation and development of competences in VET and Adult education. FU-staff is experienced in running large partnership projects like the ESF “Din Tur”.













M.M.C Management Center LTD

Contact Person: Christiana Knais, Christina Shiati



Telephone: +35722466633

Fax: +357 22 466635

Address: 16 Imvrou Street, 1055, Nicosia, Cyprus

MMC consists of three departments:

  1. Training and Development Department organizes in-company and  public learning solutions for professionals. MMC is an expert in the area of personal assistants as it is the market leader in Cyprus in this area.
  2. Event Management Department organizes conferences, exhibitions, business games, public lectures, lifestyle events & other events. Experience in organizing dissemination events & campaigns.
  3. European Projects Department designs & implements European Projects and cofunded projects either a coordinator or as a partner. MMC has coordinated EQUAL, LDV, DOI, TOI and KeyActivity projects and it has participated in several partnerships implementing similar projects. Additionally MMC has implemented several training and development cofunded projects including labour market trainings of unemployed people and economically inactive women as well as placement projects (for acquisition of work experience)

The core expertise of MMC includes:

  1. Design and development of training curricula and training materials
  2. European models EQF, ECVET, ERF, EQAFVET
  3. Design and development of e-learning platforms and mobile applications
  4. Development of assessment tools






















Contact Person: Vaso Anastasopoulou



Telephone: +30 2410 554026

Fax: +30 2410 554028

Address: Palaiologou 19, 412 23, Larissa, Greece

DIMITRA ITD, since 1989 is a certified VET institute with extensive experience and unique competencies in both methodology development and production of practical solutions matching specific vocational and professional development needs. It has more than 20 years experience in the organization, implementation and scientific supervision of vocational training programs and owns training centers in 4 major cities in Greece. Works towards the promotion of cultural, educational, scientific and economic development through the employment of innovative and participative tools and methodologies. Provides business consultancy to companies and consulting support  services to trainees to facilitate their entrance into the labour market. Moreover DIMITRA has explored VET dimension of the mentors and support workers in many sectors aiming at developing employability. DIMITRA participates in various national and transnational networks, continuously transferring and adapting know-how and experience.
















Contact Person: Javier Farto Lopez



Telephone: +34 942 760707

Fax: +34 942 055909

Address: Cardenal Cisneros 20, 1º, 39001, Santander, Spain

DOCUMENTA is a non-profit organization dedicated to applied social research, whose mission is to implement sustainable local development models in intelligent territories.

Since its foundation in 1996, DOCUMENTA has consolidated an experienced cross-disciplinary professional team, forged through a methodology of its own, which combines reflection and action around four different lines of work:

  • Territorial analysis and strategic planning.
  • Integral service to entrepreneurs on training, employment and counselling.
  • European programmes’ design and management.
  • Active participation in development cooperation’s projects.

Documenta is active involved in processes of adult learning and teaching methodologies and guidance for trainers. The design and implementation of a complete itinerary or training/employment has allowed the organization to deploy an expertise which covers from the analysis of training needs in territories, sectors and/or entities to the design and teaching of both classroom and distance learning for adults. These activities comprise from the introduction of innovative training methodologies to quality assurance and evaluation of projects.

Documenta has over 18 years of experience in design and management of European projects framed within the initiatives LEONARDO, YOUTHSTART, ADAPT, EQUAL, INTERREG, Art.6 ESF, Art.10 FEDER, LLL, etc.

Currently DOCUMENTA collaborates with local, regional and national institutions developing studies about Active Labour Market Policies, skills upgrading in business, guidance, training and labour integration of unemployed, design and management of Tourism Competitiveness Plans.






















Contact Person: Roger Van de Winkel



Telephone: +31 135802848

Fax: +31 135802847

Address: J.P. Coenstraat 70, 5018 CT, Tilburg, Netherlands

Revalento is a consultancy that offers services on the cross roads of training and education, labour market and organisation. In its work the core focus is on the deleopment of learning organisations and related learning skills and competences. Revalento is a typical network organisation: through its network expertise is engaged related to the specific area Revalento is working in.

Revalento has built up large experience regarding the development and usage of quality standards and the introduction of learning processes in organisations. Special expertise has been developed in the introduction and development of result oriented coaching and collaboration strategies and methodologies for organisations that work with target groups like: immigrants, early school leavers, handicapted, people on welfare system etc (f.e. Distance to the Labour Market methodology, measuring active citizinship), target groups for which ERF key skills are important.