Project Outcomes

PR-ERF project is based on an existing product-a curriculum developing 8 key competences for the first 3 EQF levels. Objective is, based on this curriculum, to develop further a learning solution for all 8 KCs in CVET according to EQF levels 4-5.

The new training methodology, materials and curricula will be tested in Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus and Spain through train-the-trainers workshops, pilot trainings with VET learners and workshops for the relevant stakeholders. As a final product of these procedures will be a new training methodology and a complete trainers package for CVET programmes that will be transferred to all countries for 8 key competences. Moreover, e-learning platform will be developed, where all the documentation will be stored in all partner languages.

In brief the following stages and outcomes will be developed:

  1. Development of an effective project’s management strategy and consent of all partners in the planned activities in the detailed activity plan and timetable.Development of an Evaluation and Quality Assurance Plan.
    • Project Management Manual.
    • Quality Assurance Manual.
  2. Research on the current situation regarding ERF Key competences in CVET in participating countries
  1. Development of the curricula and training materials for eight key competences in CVET programmes, according to ERF and EQF requirements (levels 4-5).
  1. Development of Trainers Package for eight competences in CVET and translation from English to Dutch, Greek, Swedish and Spanish.
  1. Development of the Assessement tool for measuring present level of the learner according to EQF and for identifying gaps with the required level of the educational programme.
  1. Workshops for trainers: one transnational and one local in each participating country for testing of the improved products.
  2. Pilot training –each partner will test at least 2 competences.
  3. Report on recommendations and further development of the final training methodology and materials.
  4. Workshops for the stakeholders and decision-makers to raise awareness and informe about the significance of Key Competencies by ERF, and to integrated on the final methodology stakeholders feedback.
  5. Further – development of e-learning platform in all partner languages.
  1. Development of the certification standard-model for the key competence in CVET according to EQF levels 4-5.
  2. Dissemination and exploitation activities.
  • Dissemination Strategy Guide.
  • Dissemination material.
  • Project Newsletter. 
  • Brochure.
  • Press article.
  • Cd-rom Talking Heads.
  • Transnational Dissemination Workshop for experts and decision-makers.